This is the new home (in development) of open money (om), community currencies (cc), and LETSystems.

open money is a context that supports virtual community currencies (cc) and other such social accounting and networking systems.

Virtual cc come in many forms, but at this time, all cc supported through this site are mutual credit. 

Recently we have been using blogtalkradio as a vehicle for propagating om/cc memes, some of which have been transcribed.

For an understanding of how normal money and community money work differently and work together, play the game.

To begin an open money development project in your community, we suggest you begin with community way, a self-financing project that generates business-backed cw$ for charities, organizations and projects and funds development. (slideshow)

A community way project in the Comox Valley, BC, Canada began last year (April 09) with an "I will if they will" proposition to businesses. As of Feb 25, there are 65 businesses registered and over cw$128,000 has been donated to 32 community organizations.  Follow developments on twitter.