LETSplay is the only money game where everyone wins.

Let's play - it's an invitation.   (see earlier editions of game materials and a recent commentary)

Here are the rules used for a game in the real world.

 The on-line game is much the same, but anonymous.

To get the most value out of this game, open three game accounts on the LETSplay game site, as follows:

pick a simple memorable (short, simple) name - 3 or 4 letters is enough - joe, abc

(your accounts are anonymous, but game administrators will see them)
(you can file an email address if you want contact and feedback)

and a very memorable password (it can't be recovered - 4 char min)  

like "pqr / stew"

enter your acct name & password, and "register"

logout, returning to the login / registration page

enter the second account name, and the same password - pqr1 / stew

in the left menu, click "access"

scroll to the bottom of the page

in the box "Request administration by: " enter your master acct name with the domain "games" added - "pqr.games"


repeat for the third account name - pqr2 / stew - also requesting adminstration by "pqr.games"

logout, and login as pqr / stew

scroll to the foot of the page and confirm any requests to administer

click access and you will see you can use this route to reach your other accounts - pqr1 and pqr2

Now you've registered, you've done the difficult part.    The rest is easy, but it requires your attention.

so please re-read the instructions (at least those on the login page)   please, please do this. 

(I know you already did, but ....... you really don't want to waste your time, do you?)

you can play the current public and anonymous game, default when you register, or -

if you know the name of a going game, for each of your accounts -

 join game "______"

Game strategy for most information

Start one or two accounts, and leave one (or two) to wait for income before making a play with that account

For each account:

**** go for as many 400s as possible

if no 400 is possible, pick a 300

if no 300 is possible, wait a little

then take the highest available

**** don't ever buy twice at one visit - unless both are 400s

**** wait for income

if income doesn't allow a 400 or 300 wait a little longer

then spend what you can 

repeat daily, or as agreed with the other players

For the adminstrator view of the game, email your master game account name to mwl @ openmoney dot org