openmoney, LETSystems, community currencies, community way websites             home base and pointers to history

community way                           see particularly the slides    cw presented by a group of young people (2 Lintons & a friend)                                                    Comox Valley community way project, follow @CVcw on twitter
                  a year of irregular radio shows, with some transcripts        how an entire economy ran without banks                                                a wealth-acknowledgment information system by Eric Harris-Braun                                      an open money software demonstration                                created for open money convergence in mexico

openmoney and lets on twitter
    qr codes for paper currencies                        smart card equipment we have used

openmoney room on friendfeed, not much used
ditto for openmoney group on facebook

older sites with core materials                                         original site for LETSystems                                      series of 6 magazines written for japan open money project            architecture of open money